Autistic Perspectives

The article authored by members of GATFAR, Autistic Perspectives on the Future of Clinical Autism Research, was published on 9 June 2022 in the journal Autism in Adulthood. It is an open access article.

The article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons License [CC-BY] (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

If you wish to publish a translation, you are free to do so. Please include the citation below. We would appreciate being informed about new translations so we can add links to them on this page.

Heta Pukki, Jorn Bettin, Avery Grey Outlaw, Joshua Hennessy, Kabie Brook, Martijn Dekker, Mary Doherty, Sebastian C.K. Shaw, Jo Bervoets, Silke Rudolph, Thibault Corneloup, Kylieanne Derwent, Onemoo Lee, Yadira Garcia Rojas, Wenn Lawson, Monica Vidal Gutierrez, Kosjenka Petek, Myria Tsiakkirou, Annikka Suoninen, Jo Minchin, Rainer Döhle, Silke Lipinski, Heini Natri, Emma Reardon, Giovanna Villarreal Estrada, Ovidiu Platon, Nick Chown, Ayaya Satsuki, Damian Milton, Nick Walker, Ondrej Roldan, Bárbara Herrán, Citlali Limón Cañedo, Sue McCowan, Mona Johnson, Eleanor Jane Turner, Jessy Lammers, and wn-ho Yoon.Autistic Perspectives on the Future of Clinical Autism Research.Autism in Adulthood.Jun 2022.93-101.
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